Hey again from Russia..
Feeling really good today, thank god.
After that first day and a worried email from my mum I had a mighty break down in the night. Overwhelmed by dark images and the sadness of what I’d seen. Thankful to be feeling it but wholly moly it was a lot to take. Nearly slipped into panic but it all lifted once I found it in me to forgive the terrorists and not see them as ultimate evil. Tough one but i did it.
A lot of tears and shaking later .. I slept. Exhausted yesterday I just got through the day.
Teaching the wonderful girls and managing the wild boys.
I got to be a part of the painting. Which was very healing.
I see why the focus has been on painting their surroundings. On many walls of the schools there are pictures of guns and images of the attack. I saw a girl of 6 today looking at them and it broke my heart.
Maria’s children have painted the whole gymnasium and the cafeteria with sweet, light beautiful paintings.
Today it was a beautiful sunny day. We all met in the street outside the hotel and the minister of education joined us (North Ossetia) whom we dressed up.
The nose & hat lasted as long as this photo took to take. (She is the minister)
We blew bubbles, skipped clowned and hooped with passers by. Such magnificent reactions.
We went to school and did the same ‘masterclasses’.. at the end the girls showed me some Ossetian dancing which rocked my world! then the boys joined in, it’s seriously good to watch. The girls are like elegant ponies. They are very proud of it.
This is an example but obviously more serious. Will send you my videos of the kids once I get round to it.
Then we got to take a whole class out for ice cream. So sweet
Then we all got on the bus and went to an orphanage. We arrived and they did us a rock concert. haha. We all danced, face-painted etc. Then Guilaumme and I did a clown show and then we all played games. It was beautiful. About 40 Orphans.. from tiny to teenage.
This I love. LOVE. Just connecting and smiling and playing … I don’t think teaching 11 year olds at school is my destiny. !!!
Feel light and happy and tired.
Tomorrow we are traveling into the mountains to visit another orphanage.
I can’t wait for the drive.. so see the outside. We have been so busy I haven’t seen hardly anything of where we are.
I realise how important it is for Maria’s Children to still visit every year. There is a deep friendship between Maria and the teachers here that lightens everybody’s world.
Really, more than the children – the adults here need some lightness and friendship. what a lot they carry….
I am surrounded by real heroes.
 love out there XXXX
  • Chip Daly

    Amen. I couldn’t have said it better Charlie. The adults as much or more than the children need Maria!! Thanks for sharing yourself!

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