• Andrea Russell
    Andrea Russell Founder & Director


    No one who knows Andrea is the least bit surprised to find out that she has run away with the circus– it was kind of expected actually !! Andrea has been the director and ringmaster of Spark! Circus( formerly Laughing for Life) for about five years. She spins poi, and also performs with palm candles and fans, though she considers herself far more of a behind the scenes organizer than a true performer!( Luckily, the kids aren’t too picky! ) She loves bringing the smiles to the faces of the children, and witnessing how the experience with this volunteer circus stimulates beautiful growth and awareness in all the performers. It is like watching people bloom like flowers…. She is deeply honoured to spend her time with such an amazing group of people each year.

  • Yahou
    Yahou Resident Clown

    Yahou, also known as Guillaume Vermette, is a physical actor and circus artist from Montreal, with an insatiable passion for joy creation. Through acrobatics, juggling, stilt walking, unicycle riding, parkour movements and many more physical skills and antics, Vermette’s versatility is only topped by his deep humanity and lightness of heart. His swift ability to engage the public and offer up a cast of characters easing or throwing them into life, stirs the toughest of crowds into states of glee and hilarity. In the past, Vermette has been doing a lot of humanitarian work (about 20 trips) around the world, alongside Dr. Patch Adams and also as the Artistic Director of Clowns Without Borders Canada (2012 to 2014). He is a dedicated humanitarian and is as comfortable in a refugee camp as he is in a shopping mall.

    Guillaume is thrilled to join the incredible team of Spark Circus and to spread laughter, joy and love with them.


  • Charlene Whitehead
    Charlene Whitehead Co Director

    Starting out as a philosopher and activist Charlene naturally became disheartened looking out into the big world. Once she really looked, she found a clown staring back at her. She swiftly packed herself off to circus school and underwent clown style bootcamp for newly 2 years, in Circomedia, Bristol, Ecole baltazaar; Montpellier and Bont’s in Menorca. Successfully ‘deconstructed’ she packed her bags again and joined spark circus 2014 as resident clown, hula hooper and aerialist. In love with this work, she kept going back and is now co-director with Andrea. She is delighted to have found humanitarian clowning, after entertaining families in England (Giffords circus) she finds the work with refugee children much more rewarding, as it brings together all of her interests; social activism, circus and packing.

    Follow her on her adventures with Maria’s children & The flying Seagulls working with orphans in Russia and refugees in Greece.

  • Kira Paas
    Kira Paas Acrobat & Aerialist

    Kira discovered early that the world looks better upside down. So her passion is to do handstands and acrobatics in all possible situations. She likes to perform, to make people happy with her smile, and to make the audience escape from their everyday life.

    Since 2006 she has taught children acrobalance and aerial silks. Recently she finished her studies of circus pedagogic in Cologne/Germany.

    Kira traveled to Central America and Uzbekistan to give circus workshops and to perform. For 2016 she wishes to do something purposeful and therefore decided to join the Spark Circus. She wants to share her passion for Circus with children from other cultures and learn about different ways of life.

  • Tuan
    Tuan Hip hop dancer

    Tuan Anh Nguyen is a professional hip-hop dancer from Vietnam. He dances with S.I.N.E. Team in Hanoi and recently auditioned for So You Think You Can Dance. TunTune as been teaching and performing with social circus projects for many years, including the Vietnam Circus Federation.

  • Chris
    Chris Poi Spinner

    My name is Christopher Tamburro and I have been a poi spinner for two years now in Pennsylvania, USA. I like entertaining and showing people something that makes them forget about their troubles for just a few moments. Hooping is where it all began for me. Now I’m primarily a poi spinner who knows how to hoop and juggle.

  • Rosie bee
    Rosie bee Prop maker & poi spinner

    After years of being told to grow up, to act her age and to stop playing with her food, Rosie finally had enough. Deep down she knew there was more to life and her inner child was yearning to play, play to her heart’s content! After short consultation with her inner child, they decided there was only one thing she could do – run away and join the circus – only problem was, there was no circus. So what’s a girl to do? That’s right – make her own!

    After realising how good for the soul it was to laugh, play and create, it dawned upon her that it’s not just our own individual inner children need to have an opportunity to play, but that ALL children do. In 2011 after a natural disaster in North Queensland, Australia, where she lives, Rosie took it upon herself to bring the joy and smiles back to the local children and started hosting workshops, facilitated circus “play space” at a multitude of events, and has been working with the children and community ever since.

    Rosie has also been performing as an “Old School” spinner/fire artist since 2006 and has entertained at weddings, functions, parties and festivals.

    As a result of the journey she has been on, Rosie has become quite the all rounder and now has an amazing and broad range of skills not limited to teaching and performing but that also includes prop/equipment construction, music, dance and costuming.

    Rosie is thrilled to be joining the Spark tour in 2016 and can’t wait to share the joy of circus play with everybody.

  • Kiki Belle
    Kiki Belle

    Isabella Hoops is a circus performer based out of Toronto, Ontario, Canada who has always possessed a passion for entertaining people. Her charm, flirtatious energy and her quirky humor is unforgettable. Isabella doesn’t just hula-hoop, she brings her own style of dance and rhythm to the hoop to create an extraordinary event that won’t be forgotten. Bella Hoops has a wide variety of performing experience: from cabarets, to festivals, or on the street.


  • Elanor Smith
    Elanor Smith

    Elanor is an internationally acclaimed circus artist who has been performing professionally since 2010. She spent two years performing in Egypt before attending Circomedia circus school in the UK. There she earned a Foundation Degree in Contemporary Circus and Physical Performance and forged partnerships that she has continued to develop. Blending advanced level skills with tight choreography she produces high energy, high impact shows. Elanor has been part of many performance collaborations and has an ever evolving skill set. Her Skills include; Juggling, Aerial silks, Acrobalance, Cyr wheel, Fire, Glow, Unicycling, stilt walking

  • Kate Ryan
    Kate Ryan

    Meet Kate, a professional oddball and outstanding performer with an endearing stage presence. As a chameleon throughout her youth (never one to quiet fit in, but always able to colour any space), she often felt like the odd one out. However, on an international travel in 2012 she would learn that no matter how different, there is always room for you in the circus.

    It was during this visit to Asia that she first performed and taught circus. Kate learned she was happiest when inspiring others to play and be themselves.In three years since, Kate has worked with numerous charities, social circus’s and circus artists in Asia, Australia, North America and even Germany.

    Her mission: to empower audiences, promote healthy lifestyle choices, and inspire others to follow their passions – no matter how different they seem!

    With her love and attention focused into Multi – Style Hula Hooping and Clowning, Kate performs, directs, and inspires a number of successful productions and shows. She loves to make children laugh, and is inspired mostly by her students and audiences.

    She is the Canadian ambassador for Hoopologie, frequent feature on Hooping.org, and also performs poi, staff (dragon staff), fire dancing, acrobatics and MC’s.

    Kate is thrilled to join the Spark Circus 2017 tour and surround herself with new friends and artists with a common goal in mind.