This week we spent five days at Morning Glory School working with 40 sixth grade students in Spark’s very first intensive program. The goal was to teach them skills to put on their own circus show – from flow arts to juggling to choreography and all of the backstage arts. The kids did a fantastic job in three days of rehearsals before they performed in front of their whole school. We have circus stars in the making.

This intensive is a change of program for Spark. For a decade we have focussed on bringing a half-day of fun to schools with shows and playshops. Now we are adding a more in-depth training component. What a delight!

This intensive program was a great success thanks to the enthusiasm and bravery of the students, the invaluable help of the school, our interpreters, and the donors and supporters who allows us to make the tour happen. And especially thanks to the eight Sparkles who taught the kids every day with joy and verve.

We observed brilliant smiles, new friendships, and many memories being made this week. And next week, we are slated for 7 playshops and a two-day intensive. Non-stop circus fun in Mae Sot! We’ll have more photos and updates before too long.