We all have our roles in life.  And its true that not all of us have had the chance to hone up on our stiltwakling or juggling skills.  But what if you still ache to help, contribute and in whatever way possible support this amazing project?

Feeding The Fire is what you can do.  As important as those that travel and perform, is the task of providing the strong foundation needed to get out there.  Whether its with money, supplies, time, connections or other skills, contributing in this way is just as vital to these children as wearing a clown nose and making them laugh.

Here are some ways you can support Spark Circus.

  • Suggest a school or facility to visit
  • Help us with fundraising or grant writing
  • Donate goods, services or cash
  • Sponsor a local performer or team member
  • Volunteer as a translator, logistic expert, or communicator
  • Spread the word about what we do

We want to hear from you, so mail [email protected] any time.