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How Your Donations Are Used

Every year is a little different, but in previous years we’ve purchased the following circus essentials that were used during the tour and then donated to the schools, hospitals and refugee camps we visited:

  • Circus props – poi, hula hoops, staff, stilts, spinning plates, juggling balls, facepaint, etc
  • Musical instruments – bamboo flutes, ukuleles, drums, bells
  • School supplies – notebooks, pens, art supplies
  • Tools – scissors, machetes, hammers, tape, glue, paint, etc
  • Portable sound system
  • Generator
  • Spark t-shirts
  • First aid kit
  • Local translators
  • Local drivers

We also buy consumables and supplies for our performers/teachers while working: water, clown noses and group costume accessories, fuel and safety items for fire shows, group meals when in transit, and transportation within Thailand. At some schools, we are able to offer nutritious school meals of rice, vegetables and fruit and sometimes this happens with the assistance of Help Without Frontiers.

When there is enough money left over after the tour, we make more substantial gifts to the facilities we visit. In previous years these have included items for the community including:

  • roof for a new medical clinic
  • playground equipment
  • water tanks
  • shoes for all the children in a slum
  • blankets and mattresses for a refugee camp
  • student school fees
  • teacher salaries


And we also have some administrative costs that are covered by donations and grants: website hosting and travel allowances for the team leaders. When possible, we also try to subsidise our teacher/performer’s travel and lodging.

We are more than happy to give you a detailed budget upon request.

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