Circus School Project in Mae Sot

The collaboration between Spark Circus and Stardust Studios in Mae Sot is a fantastic initiative that not only offers bi-weekly circus workshops for children and wellbeing workshops for adults but also supports Burmese migrant and refugee schools. By becoming a member of Spark Circus, you can contribute to the sustainability of this circus school and help provide additional activities for the underprivileged communities in the area. Joining as a member is a wonderful way to support this noble cause and make a positive impact on the lives of those in need, while also having fun activities for your family too! 

See below for schedule and membership options!


Don’t want to do any workshops but want to support our project?

Be a silent supporter and get info, videos and invites to our members only shows.

500 baht


Are you an individual that would like to support us, find out about shows and join our bi-weekly workshops?

This one’s for you!

750 baht


Are you a couple, a parent and child or two best friends who want to join our workshops and watch our shows?

Sign up here. Receive a free set of circus props when you join.

1000 baht


Does your whole family want to get involved (maximum 5 people) This gives you access to all of our workshops and shows.

Receive a free set of circus props when you join.

1500 baht