APPLICATIONS Closed  for January project but OPEN for futures projects. Please be patient with reply. Busy plotting Jan tour :o)


Do you want to run away and join the circus? SPARK! CIRCUS seeks an international team of volunteer circus teachers & performers for its upcoming tours in Thailand.

Tour Dates: January, February 2019 
Location: Koh Samui, Koh Phagnan, Bangkok & Mae Sot, Thailand

Who We Want

We are looking for 6 teachers/performers with experience in one or more of the following:

  • Teaching a circus, theatrical, or production skill, especially:
    • Dance
    • Juggling
    • Aerial
    • Hula hoop
    • Music
    • Acrobatics/ tumbling
    • Improvisation
    • Magic
    • Act creation
    • Stage/set design/construction
    • Costuming
  • Working with children of all ages
  • Performing for a general audience of children and families
  • Playing and creative imagining
  • Developing shows on a very low budget
  • Being a cooperative & reliable team player (especially under pressure)
  • Travelling in developing countries, particularly Thailand and SE Asia
  • Improvising in the moment with flexibility and resilience when plans change
  • Speaking Thai or Burmese – or teaching without language
  • Being healthy, well-balanced, & happy

As we are becoming more focussed on teaching skills and running longer programs with the children, we ask you to provide us with video footage of you teaching a skill with no language. This skill is essential for you to become a member of spark circus. It needs to be one skill and no longer than 5 minutes. This can be with either a student live or casually to the viewer.

The selection process

Once we have received your application form and are satisfied with it’s completion,  we will contact you for a skype interview.

We will let you know asap after your skype interview.

We are only a small team of 8-10 and are very dedicated to having a wide selection of skills so please do not be disheartened if you do not make the team.

More About the Project

Want to know more? Read about a  typical day, a ton of volunteer details and put the important dates on your calendar.

Please check our updates on personal budget as there have been changes made this year.


Cost: Approximately $400-500/person (lodging, food & other essentials) + transportation to Thailand*


How to Apply

Fill in the application form below!

Please attach your CV/ resume

If any more questions or problems :

Send an e-mail to [email protected]


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* $500 is an estimate of your costs for lodging, food, and other essentials. It will vary depending on your personal needs; please see the volunteer details for information. We hope to help defray the costs of our volunteers but if we cannot raise sufficient funds, expect to outlay approximately this much.