Do you want to run away and join the circus? SPARK! CIRCUS seeks an international team of volunteer circus teachers & performers for its upcoming projects in Thailand.

Next project dates: June 28th- July 28th 2024
Location: Mae Sot, Thailand

Training the trainers Project


This project in June/ July 2024 is a ‘Training the trainers project’. We have a new circus space in Mae sot and we are looking for four highly skilled circus teachers and performers to join us for an intensive training program for 10 young adults (18-22yrs) from the Burmese refugee and migrant community. This program aims to train these young people in various circus arts so that they can become the leaders and teachers in the new circus school.

Who We Want

  • Dancers
  • Musicians
  • Jugglers
  • Acrobats
  • Clowns
  • Aerialists
  • Hoopers
  • Magicians
  • All round entertainers and joy bringers
  • Prop makers
  • Costume designers
  • Any exciting skills you can bring to children in need!

This project will mostly be focused on teaching but we will also put together a show for weekends and evenings for the community. 

Volunteers with a strong background in teaching youth/adult circus. 

Everyone will need a reference and an enhanced DBS (criminal record check).

The selection process

Once we have received your application form and are satisfied with its completion,  we will contact you for an online interview.

We will let you know ASAP after your interview.

We are only a small team of 5-6 and are very dedicated to having a wide selection of skills so please do not be disheartened if you do not make the team.

What we will provide

-Advice on travel to Thailand, Visas and cultural values (we do not cover travel expenses to the   project but cover any transport expenses when on the project)

- Background and historical information of the Burmese situation in Burma and Thailand

- Accommodation for the full month you are on the project

- Two meals a day when on the project

- Weekend trips to the waterfalls, swimming pool and hot springs

- Support and guidance during the project 

- Exciting cultural experiences with the different tribal people of Burma


How to Apply

Fill in the application form below!

Please attach your CV/ resume

As we are becoming more focussed on teaching skills and running longer programs with the children, we ask you to provide us with video footage of you teaching a skill with no language. This skill is essential for you to become a member of spark circus. It needs to be one skill and no longer than 5 minutes. This can be with either a student live or casually to the viewer.

If any more questions or problems :

Send an e-mail to [email protected]

Please read our Drink & Drugs policy before filling out this application HERE


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