Drink and Drug Policy

Spark Circus is a 100% sober working environment. Strictly no recreational drug use is allowed during the tour. Come expecting to be alcohol free for 6 weeks, it’s a rare occasion and only done at the directors discretion. 

If anyone is found breaking these rules, they will be asked to leave immediately.

Be smart and detox before you arrive.

Code of Conduct

We strive to “be excellent to each other” by behaving professionally. Please accord your fellow Sparkles the same behaviour you expect: respectful, reliable, punctual, positive, productive, calm, considerate, compassionate, communicative and committed. Sometimes we must adapt quickly to changing plans and situations while maintaining a smile and helping others to do so.

Personal drama interferes with our mission so we always need to keep our purpose in mind – we are there to bring happiness to children who live under terrible conditions. We need your skills as a teacher and a performer, but more than anything, we need you to be a source of joy for the kids!

The Buddy System

You will have a circus buddy – it might be your roommate, your performance partner or someone you hang out with. Buddies know each other’s whereabouts, state of health (physical and mental) and generally take care of each other both by offering support, and by making sure your buddy is not left behind when we hop on the trucks. You are not required to be joined at the hip, but simply be aware and alert to your buddy. When going out in public, especially at night, please travel in packs (not necessarily with your buddy, but with someone).


Due to hazardous driving conditions and high accident rates, Spark team members will not be renting or using motorcycles while volunteering on the project – the hospitals are filled with tourists who thought it would be fine. No exceptions! You also see Thai people on the roof of trucks quite often. We will not be doing this.

Activism & Proselytising

We do not represent, judge, or spread any ideas around politics or religion at all, ever. Not as a group and not as individuals. We’re a circus.