It takes a lot more than performers to create a circus, so in addition to our acts, everyone is assigned additional roles ranging from show manager to photographer. If you have experience in stage management, for example, it is likely that you will be assigned a related role so that you can share your experience.

It is as important that you perform your role well as it is that you perform your act well. Your acts take maybe ten minutes a week. Your role is hours every day. Some roles will have you interacting closely with other positions. Some require you to go on resupply missions. Some may have you doing cleanup after shows or preparation a day in advance.

While you lead a role it is your responsibility and the full troupe will support you as necessary. Every year there are a few mishaps – the spare props are forgotten, there isn’t enough water for the extra hot day – but we generally manage to recover by working as a team to find a solution.

Typical Spark Roles

  • Roustabout (Roadie/Loader)
  • Workshop/Intensive Manager
  • Timekeeper
  • First Aid/Health
  • Water Manager
  • School Show Manager
  • Pubic Show Manager
  • Group Meeting Leader
  • Safety Team
  • Cleaning
  • Music/Sound
  • MC/Compere
  • Communications/PR
  • Supply Shopping
  • Scheduling