• Ngo Tu Huy (aka Crazy monkey)
    Ngo Tu Huy (aka Crazy monkey)

    My name is Huy but u can call me Crazy Monkey and i’m from Viet Nam. I have been dancing since 2011 and its a great opportunity for me to join Spark Circus 2019 ❤

  • Iris West
    Iris West

    Iris started training as a circus performer in 2008, learning skills including, juggling, poi, staff and hula hooping. Three years later she joined a fire troupe and spent the summer touring UK festivals, performing in a nine person, choreographed fire show. She now has a wide repertoire of skills, including theatrics, dance and fire manipulation. She has been travelling the world performing in shows at variety of countries, including the USA where she performed in a fire show at Burning Man festival. Iris has been performing walkabout acts and fire shows regularly at clubs and events and her cabaret acts have been a huge success. n addition to performing, Iris runs circus workshops for children. She has been granted funding to provide classes for children in economical deprived communities, supported by The Bristol Playbus Project. She now lives and works in Bristol where she continues to train, teach and perform.

  • Maria Tate Reed
    Maria Tate Reed

    Maria Tate Reed is ECSTATIC to join SPARK! in 2019! She is currently a coach, programming coordinator and performer with Calliope Youth Circus Foundation in Tulsa, OK. With Calliope she coaches youth and adults throughout the year and for summer camps at the YMCA of Tulsa and the Charles Schusterman Jewish Community Center’s Camp Shalom. Maria has trained in circus arts with international flying trapeze artist Anton VonOstendorf, Rain Anya, Christine Van Loo, Aerial Dance Chicago, New England Center for Circus Arts, Actors Gymnasium, Aloft Circus Arts, Emerald City Trapeze, Chloé Farah, Voler Thieves of Flight. In 2013 Maria was the camp director for Summer Adventure Camp at Trapeze School New York, Chicago. In addition to her love of teaching circus arts, Maria is a full time Elementary Music Teacher for Tulsa Public Schools and has taught for Tulsa Ballet as well as many dance, music and drama schools in Chicago, Kansas City and Tulsa.

  • Severin Steensen
    Severin Steensen Clown & juggler

    Severin is stuck under a spell from the magic of circus.  He has experienced the healing power of dance and circus art and it has been very influential in his personal exploration and expression. He loves the circus as a subversive art form and the intersection of clowning and social justice. Severin is often found juggling objects, dancing goofy dances, balancing on precarious ledges, and making funny faces while wearing wild outfits. He finds a great sense of fulfillment, purpose, and porpoises in teaching and playing. The circus implanted a spark of magic into his heart and he is so excited to spread it on the 2018 Spark! Circus tour!

  • Lucy Ray
    Lucy Ray Clown & Juggler
    When Lucy was four she declared she was going to be a clown and ever since then she has been following that path. Dedicated to the art of ridiculousness she spends her time with rubber chickens and sock puppets. Some of her colorful antics include falling in love with a giant fish, juggling everything in sight, sending love notes on fishing poles, stilt walking into your heart, dancing like a noodle and being an all around spaz muffin. Lucy has completed a BA with a focus in Social Justice through Performance Art at the Evergreen State College. She performs with a social circus in Thailand called “Spark Circus” as well as her original performance/music project called “Many A Moon.” She has worked with the artist collectives “Animal Cracker Conspiracy” and “Bad Unkl Sista” at Symbiosis and LIB Music Festival, Dragon Nights Stilt walking at EDC, as well as performed with “Many A Moon” at Lookout Arts Quarry, Sha’Bang, the House of Blues, Hard Rock and is a contracted performer at many other venues. She has taught circus arts for social justice at camps for inner city kids, rural Costa Rica and Thailand, juvenile detention centers and in hospitals. Lucy, with her kelidoscope eyes, is always searching to sparkle the mundane and bring out the inner child in everybody!


  • Kate Ryan
    Kate Ryan Hooper & Film maker

    Meet Kate, a professional oddball and outstanding performer with an endearing stage presence. As a chameleon throughout her youth (never one to quiet fit in, but always able to colour any space), she often felt like the odd one out. However, on an international travel in 2012 she would learn that no matter how different, there is always room for you in the circus.

    It was during this visit to Asia that she first performed and taught circus. Kate learned she was happiest when inspiring others to play and be themselves.In three years since, Kate has worked with numerous charities, social circus’s and circus artists in Asia, Australia, North America and even Germany.

    Her mission: to empower audiences, promote healthy lifestyle choices, and inspire others to follow their passions – no matter how different they seem!

    With her love and attention focused into Multi – Style Hula Hooping and Clowning, Kate performs, directs, and inspires a number of successful productions and shows. She loves to make children laugh, and is inspired mostly by her students and audiences.

    She is the Canadian ambassador for Hoopologie, frequent feature on Hooping.org, and also performs poi, staff (dragon staff), fire dancing, acrobatics and MC’s.

    Kate is thrilled to join the Spark Circus 2018 tour and surround herself with new friends and artists with a common goal in mind.




  • Rosie bee
    Rosie bee Prop maker & poi spinner

    After years of being told to grow up, to act her age and to stop playing with her food, Rosie finally had enough. Deep down she knew there was more to life and her inner child was yearning to play, play to her heart’s content! After short consultation with her inner child, they decided there was only one thing she could do – run away and join the circus – only problem was, there was no circus. So what’s a girl to do? That’s right – make her own!

    After realising how good for the soul it was to laugh, play and create, it dawned upon her that it’s not just our own individual inner children need to have an opportunity to play, but that ALL children do. In 2011 after a natural disaster in North Queensland, Australia, where she lives, Rosie took it upon herself to bring the joy and smiles back to the local children and started hosting workshops, facilitated circus “play space” at a multitude of events, and has been working with the children and community ever since.

    Rosie has also been performing as an “Old School” spinner/fire artist since 2006 and has entertained at weddings, functions, parties and festivals.

    Rosie is thrilled to be joining the Spark tour for the third time and can’t wait to share the joy of circus play with everybody.

  • Tuan
    Tuan Hip hop dancer

    Tuan Anh Nguyen is a professional hip-hop dancer from Vietnam. He dances with S.I.N.E. Team in Hanoi and recently auditioned for So You Think You Can Dance. TunTune as been teaching and performing with social circus projects for many years, including the Vietnam Circus Federation.

  • Charlene Whitehead
    Charlene Whitehead Director

    With an Undergraduate degree in Philosophy and International Relations (Sussex University) and a Diploma in Contemporary Circus performance, Charlie has 10 years of varied circus experience teaching acrobatics, aerial, physical theatre, hula hoop, basic jugging and general show production. But amongst the children, it’s her dazzling smile that lights up the room, silly and whimsical sense of humour, combined with her ability to generate fits of laughter that Charlie is most famous for