So Bangkok flashed through us like a flaming toy, burning us out and charging us up at the same time. Three days of Pra tunam Market, walking round and round and round looking for THAT top, or THAT feather head piece that we know MUST exist somewhere out there amongst the many stalls of bling, glitter, clothing and wigs. We arrived early morning and after dropping the gear and our bags to our guest houses we set out on our missions to circus friendly our wardrobes up. My personal favorite finds (which may or may not have been purchased by the team) was a shop full of checkered pants, a mirror ball chest plate, a sequin Jessica Rabbit dress, a plethora of top hats in multiple styles, colours and sizes and to top it all off, feathers…feathers, feathers galore! A big mention should go out to those team members who combed their way through China Town searching for equipment for the team, items such as Water Pumps, Slack Lines and other very specific things. For those of you who have never had the opportunity to look for an item in China Town imagine searching for a sewing needle in a room full of pins… its a job. BUT for the most part our team were ever successful and I wait with baited breath to see what each individual pulled out of the lucky dip that is Bangkok. A wonderful moment for me was our late night Guerrilla LED Jam we decided to pull out on Kao San Road. We arrived all glitter and smiles to find we had severely underestimated our spacial awareness and the power of Bangkok tourists. Standing there LED hoop in hand, mid evening in Bangkok with glitter upon my face and wondering sense of what might happen next…I felt a tap on my shoulder. I turned to find a Thai man beckoning us. Suddenly there we were in a night club on stage performing for the midnight boogiers of Bangkok. Glowing poi, hoops and Garrets funky fingers swizzling and swirling around the dark and cramped stage. Then, in a moment of synchronicity, over the sound system what song should they play? Why our very own group dance routine choice of Americano. Suddenly the toys were down and 6 of us bust out, Flash Mob style, the Spark Circus Americano routine for the drunken crowds. I slipped off to my bed before most of those party goers that night to catch a good sleep before the last leg of our journey. This morning we rolled in to Mae Sot Bus Station at 4:30 am and after piling our seemingly ever growing collection of props and costumes onto the two trucks we finally arrived at our Guest House. Our home for the next month. He we sit now, ready, ready for breakfast, ready for a shower and very very ready to begin our adventure with the kids.

Bless. Fleassy

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