I lie in my small bed capsule riding the train from south thailand to Bangkok. The dentist green curtain is pulled tight blocking out the incessant blowing of the fan. Outside a gaggle of giggling clowns prepare themselves for sleep… I guess to dream the dreams we are living. It is the end and the beginning. Our first two weeks of prep time on the gulf islands are over and what a time it has been. From the idilic and quiet roadless beach on Koh Phangan where we met and bonded, collaborated, rehearsed, shared songs, meals and dormitory space; wowed audiences and ourselves with our first fire show as a group and then upped the anti and created a beautiful LED show to boot. What a week that was. The auction; bravely hosted by our very own Johnny and a local lovely lady named Daisy, was a storming success where such prizes as full blown make overs by local designers, hair styling sessions by a high end professional hairdresser, a weeks Thai Yoga Massage training, a date with a gorgeous young lad and an afternoon with my very own mum (we all need some mum time occasionally) managed to roll in over 100,000 Thai Bath for the project! Wow! Then to top it off we moved en mass to Samuii to perform two fundraising shows as some lovely high end resorts (Chaweng Resort and Bandara) which helped us double that total and more! Amazing. We also attended our first school as a group, what a feeling. Seeing the faces of these excited, shy and curious kids when Lucas pulled first out his Contact Ball, or the fascination as Jerina span 5 hoops on every available body part in front of them, and the love as three small girls bravely ran from the audience and presented Petra with some flowers after her contortion act was a gift to me. This; topped with seeing the faces of all the school children when they discovered all the hoops, poi, and flowersticks they had been playing with all day now belonged to their school has concreted firmly in my heart why we are here to do this. Left now with a sense of commitment and excitement to reach the refugee children in Mai Sot and gift them with all we have. So Wow, Big thank you to everyone who donated, aided, carried bags and gave smiles to us during these two weeks, it was a lot of long long days but seeing the shows,the children, the fundraising totals and the sense of unity of spirit that have come through the team over these last two weeks has made every minute of meetings, rehearsals, and mosquito filled prep time worth it. Thank you again, and now i’m off to join the team in Bangkok to make sure we look as colourful as we can for the kids. Bless! Fleassy x

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