I lie here on my bed, eyes sore because I’m so tired…. or was it the dust? … or the fumes from the fuel? either way, what a beautiful day.
Today we visited New Day school, and i found myself as a kid leader with 50 children following me around the various workshops. A hoard of beat-boxing, boxy percussive pussy cats! …. well they might not have been that before today but by the end of it thats what i had turned them into. Aside from a few moments of digging Sparkles out from literally mountains of children clambering for hoops, face paint, hoops, stickers and … hoops, the day went very smoothly. We’ve got a few more day show acts we have been working on and they are looking great as well as a new collection of fire and LED shows which we got the chance to air out this evening. The show was intended for the 2,000 odd factory workers working in a specific area on the border however due to a recent crack down on “Human Trafficking” and late night hours it turned out the factory workers never made it to the show and we weren’t even supposed to be doing anything after dark in the area anyway. So after a few hours of LED and Fire fun for a reasonable sized group of kids and adults we had the realization of “oh…we’re really not supposed to be here” so we packed up out kit and zipped out of there leaving nothing but a slight smear of glitter on the breeze. It was also Johnny’s birthday today so the day began with a chocolate cake and a banoffee pie during morning meeting… which is an event i encourage to happen more often personally. Looking forward to tomorrows big show down at the municipal football fields. Its the first time Spark has ever advertised a show in the local area and jo was lucky enough to be Poster Girl for it so her beautiful face has been paraded around Mae Sot on the back of a truck for the past few days letting everyone know about it… Lets see what happens hey! 🙂 Bless. Fleassy xx

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