I am exhausted, thrilled, blown away and happy as a clam. The last
two days the team has split in half to accomodate more school play
days and to give half the team a day off on each day. It just so
happens that Team Star went out yesterday and that on Valentines Day,
Team Heart went out to play! Today was full of amazing moments one on
one, children mobbing the hoop station, line ups for friendship
bracelets and a super cute and fun Day Show where I performed my Heart
Hoops clown act again and it felt like it went really well today. My
favorite was an outgoing little girl who kept running and jumping at
me with a huge smile on her face and then dashing away agin. She must
have done this five times in the three hours we were at the school.

Getting the Team Leader Jo on stilts for her first time this evening
was so sweet. Walking on her own within twenty minutes no less! It was
a sweet reminder of how amazing of an opportunity this is to learn and
share new skills. It is good to see someone taking full advantage of
the situation. My Turn! Time to chase down the poi spinners… Another
day in Maesot, another hard days play. Feeling the love.

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