Hi all!This is just to let everyone know, that despite my personal healthconcerns( brain surgery in a couple of weeks! eek! ) Spark Circus WILLbe running a project for the 2013 year! Applications for that team of20, are being accepted NOW ( though you wont hear back for about amonth and a half! ) The team will be selected by JULY 15th, 2012, soget your application in by then for sure.

The DATES WILL BE jan 3-14 2013 for fundraising and team building inthe south (optional), and jan15th-feb15th for the work with the kidsin mae sot, and feb15th-22nd( optional) team group decompression andteaching workshops) . It will go up on our website soon.
First spots on the team will be given to Spark Alumni, and trust me,the rest fill up quickly, so if you are interested put together anapplication soon so we can pick a team and start fundraising asap!Begin your FUNdraisng now, as we expect all team members to raise$1000 to put towards the project, and to have all their acts ,classes, costumes and propsfully prepared!
Last year was the best year ever, hugely successful!!! and we arelooking forward to sharing even more fun and frolicks with thedisadvantaged children all along the Thai Burmese border in 2013!
I hope to be able to be personally involved, assuming the surgerygoes well. If not, dont fear, the circus will live on.
But we do request your patience in the next months as responsesto all queries will be slow and irregular until i am back to fullhealth. PLEASE BE PATIENT. Most of the info you need is here on thewebsite, so take a good look through before emailing with questions,and if you do send a message, understand that your response will bedelayed at this time, until i am able to get to it. Realistically, itcould be 2-6wks.
If you wish to donate contact me through our email and we willgratefully let you know how that can best be done! We are sorry, butPaypal is not an option for us at this stage. You can do a banktransfer, internet transfer, or mail a cheque.
Thanks for all the good wishes and healing messages i have beenreceiving from all the Spark friends world wide. I so appreaciate allyour ongoing support during this difficult time. I will let you knowhow the surgery goes and what happens next, as we know…THANK YOUAndrea Russellringmaster, Spark Circus

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  • Camille Nayrolles

    Hi, I have been hooping for four years now. I did want to apply last year but had an accident. It seems a bit late to apply but I only saw this now. Maybe for the next one? (is there only one selection per year?)
    I have been teaching in the outdoor industry for five years previously so I know I’m good at it and have a great contact with kids.

  • Wendy Wagstaff-Lo

    Dearest Andrea.. Jennifer just arrived home in Halifax and has told me of your illness… oh my gosh what can I say but that my thoughts and prayers are with you and I hope you are feeling better. All I could think of was the word “joy”!!!! because everytime I say you there were smiles and laughter all around and you can be so proud in that you created the space for all of that to happen. What an accomplishment!
    I also wanted to let you know that I will be in Maesot in Jan-feb this year and am free to offer my services… not as a clown but I am a great organizer so if I can be of help let me know. I could be available almost on a daily basis and do know the lay of the land so perhaps \i could help you or your friends organize events, transportation etc. Whatever. would love to hear from you when you can. Hope the medical situation is improving somewhat. All the best, Wendy (jen Lo’s mom from Future Light)

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