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This year we aim to raise 8000 GBP to fund our upcoming tour. This will cover expenses for all the tools, props and costumes, transportation, sound equipment, rental space and other costs we incur to bring our playshops and performances to migrant schools in and around Mae Sot. At the end of the tour, we’ll be donating all of our purchases to the facilities we work with.

We’re doing some new programs this year – in addition to our usual shows and playshops, we are trying our some teaching intensives – giving kids the skills and experience to put on their own circus show. It’s a dream we’ve had for years and 2016 is the start of a new era for Spark as we give it a trial run.

We’d be so grateful for a donation! In return, we have a wide range of perks and thank you gifts including juggling scarves, handmade poi, an e-book of circus games, our 2016 Spark t-shirt , and even your own circus skills video.

Check out the campaign today. If you can’t donate, we’d be happy for your help in sharing the campaign on Twitter, Facebook, or anywhere.

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