Rosie Menzies


After years of being told to grow up, to act her age and to stop playing with her food, Rosie finally had enough. Deep down she knew there was more to life and her inner child was yearning to play, play to her heart’s content! After short consultation with her inner child, they decided there was only one thing she could do – run away and join the circus – only problem was, there was no circus. So what’s a girl to do? That’s right – make her own!

After realising how good for the soul it was to laugh, play and create, it dawned upon her that it’s not just our own individual inner children need to have an opportunity to play, but that ALL children do. In 2011 after a natural disaster in North Queensland, Australia, where she lives, Rosie took it upon herself to bring the joy and smiles back to the local children and started hosting workshops, facilitated circus “play space” at a multitude of events, and has been working with the children and community ever since.

Rosie has also been performing as an “Old School” spinner/fire artist since 2006 and has entertained at weddings, functions, parties and festivals.

As a result of the journey she has been on, Rosie has become quite the all rounder and now has an amazing and broad range of skills not limited to teaching and performing but that also includes prop/equipment construction, music, dance and costuming.

Rosie is thrilled to be joining the Spark tour in 2016 and can’t wait to share the joy of circus play with everybody.

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