Kristen “Tink” McQuillin surprised herself by learning to hula hoop in 2008.

Growing up in Pennsylvania, USA, Kristen had early experience in theatre – from writing plays to acting in them but loved backstage creativity the best. She earned a degree in elementary education in 1989 and has worked as an IT project manager, writer, and video editor for decades. But nothing beats the lure of circus!

Today she leads Spin Matsuri, a hoop and circus group based in Japan, where she has lived in 1998 with her husband, Tod. She teaches workshops on hooping, juggling, movement and theatrics; organises circus events. She has performed in Japan, Australia, Europe, Thailand, India, Myanmar, and the US.

Tink is passionate about sharing circus fun. Her experience at Spark! Circus in 2013 deepened her commitment to social circus and she is delighted to be co-leading the Spark 2016 team.

Her favorite shape is a torus and her lucky number is zero.

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