Yahou, also known as Guillaume Vermette, is a physical actor and circus artist from Montreal, with an insatiable passion for joy creation. Through acrobatics, juggling, stilt walking, unicycle riding, parkour movements and many more physical skills and antics, Vermette’s versatility is only topped by his deep humanity and lightness of heart. His swift ability to engage the public and offer up a cast of characters easing or throwing them into life, stirs the toughest of crowds into states of glee and hilarity. In the past, Vermette has been doing a lot of humanitarian work (about 20 trips) around the world, alongside Dr. Patch Adams and also as the Artistic Director of Clowns Without Borders Canada (2012 to 2014). He is a dedicated humanitarian and is as comfortable in a refugee camp as he is in a shopping mall.

Guillaume is thrilled to join the incredible team of Spark Circus and to spread laughter, joy and love with them.


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