Wow! What a great first week together as the SPARK team arrives and starts rehearsing our shows together for the first time this year! As everyone slowly arrives to Had Tien on Ko Phangan, the show gets better and better with each new arrival to our team. This beautiful island is the perfect place to have to work hard and play hard, as you can see it’s hot weather and sunny blue skies as we gather in the coconut grove to practice our performances before the big night.

Our first performance together for the first time was at Big Blue Restaurant in Had Yuan and it was awesome, the team has a great vibe together and is spectacularly skilled in so many different ways. Here we have a few pictures of our show, most of these pictures are taken by Pancho, or at least with his camera, thanks Pancho!

The SPARK Teams first fund raising show was a great success! We raised enough money to purchase all the hula-hoop tubing we need for at least 200 hoops for the kids in the North along the boarder in just one show. It was the first time we’ve all performed together, and it’s obviously a great team to work with. Our next show is at the Sanctuary in Had Tien on January 21st, followed by 2 shows on Ko Samui on January 22 & 23rd and then we will head up North to Chiang Mai with the whole team for our last fundraisers on January 30th! Donate now, as we will be based in Mae Sot beginning our work with the refugee children starting February 1st and we will be getting all our supplies in Bangkok while we head through on our way up North. If our shows are this good already after only one week of rehearsing things can only get more amazing from here!

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  • geewizliz

    WOW you guys!!! I am ecstatic to see how stunning you all look and to hear that the shows are already crazy spectacular! I`m thinking of you all so much… hoping to be part of the team in years to come 🙂
    May your experience be full of love and fire and laughter and amazing gems of compassion
    xox Liz

  • Lisa Henretty (Dharani) Alex Smith's Mom

    Hello Everyone :)! I am Alex Smith’s mom…You guys look incredible! I am very glad Alex made it as we have been out of communication for awhile and I was getting a bit concerned so I am very excited to see him with the group!

    What an experience and I am inspired by all of you!!! Yay

    Please give Alex a hug for me and tell him I think he ROCKS…You all rock

    Lisa (Dharani)

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