Last Show on Haad Tien

Our last show on Haad Tien was a wonderful night of fire shows and auctions. We raised a lot of money this night thanks to everyone that generously donated their time skills and energy into both the performances and the items for auction. We had so many items to auction that it was overwhelming!  The performances were our best yet as the fundraising team came closer together and became familiar with our performances.

Fire Show Challenges on Koh Samui

Each show presents new challenges, as we learned during our second show on Koh Samui when our fire show instantly became an indoor performance due to a tropical rain storm! Yet, the show went off without a hitch, showing the team is strong in moments of difficulties and it became a very dramatic and poised show for the first half of the night. The rain stopped and allowed us our beautiful moments of fire for a second portion of of the show, Sweet.

Bangkok Treasure Hunt before Chiang Mai

We are currently in Bangkok doing our shopping for all our supplies for the children. We have met up with the final additions to our group, said our goodbyes to those who could not continue with the rest of the project and began a treasure hunt through the city for toys, glitter, face paint and costumes! It is a wonderful place for shopping, as all the donation money goes a long wachy when converted to Thai Baht. The look on their faces will be priceless when they see what we have managed to bring to them with all of the goodies and performances!
The Sparkles all head up together to Chiang Mai tomorrow as a group for our last two fundraising shows before we get to meet the kids. These are very exciting shows, and apparently one of these shows will have elephants present at the event! We all have a lot more rehearsing to do when we get there to ensure all the new comers are included in the awesome shows, so we are working on some new choreography and new moves to make sure it’s the best. There are so many talented people from so many places in the world with us, it brings so much to the table as a group that it is getting more and more incredible as we continue. Check in for more updates soon!

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