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We know not everyone can take time off to run away with the circus, but you can give us a huge boost by checking out our Indiegogo campaign online. Literally, every little bit helps to make this a great fundraiser:

How you can help Spark Circus’ Indiegogo Campaign:

  1. Click here and like the the campaign on Indiegogo — that boosts our rankings
  2. and/or contribute even the smallest amount – $2 if you like — make it anonymous if you prefer
  3. and/or you can spring for some of the cool loot on offer — great circus style perks…
  4. and/or just SHARE it! There are links on the Indiegogo page to make sharing the campaign on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and via email — send the link to just one other person who you can think of…

If you are in Thailand and would like to find out more about how you can be part of this project, please email Shelly Poplak.

fun day show for children

Fun day show for children

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