I had been face painting at one of the refugee schools, (The Chicken School) after our show, when one of the strongest little girls I’ve ever met sat across from me. I asked her what her color choice was, she picked black. I started painting a heart, something most little girls love, this girl, was different. She shook her head “no” and showed me what she wanted. Black warrior paint. Under her eyes, down her nose, her forehead. I painted her face, and after looking in the mirror to her satisfaction, she proceeded to take a unique actions. To the other little girls who wanted hearts and stars, she sternly insisted they have warrior paint as well. Finally, she turned to me and painted my face her stripes of black and orange. Around this particular school, there were posters of information of the current situation in Burma, their birth home. This little warrior, approximately 11 or 12 years old, held in her mind and her heart a strong sense of what happened to her and her family. She will be the upcoming female voice of her generation. She will inspire other girls not to fear but to be fierce. She will succeed. She will survive. I am sure of it.

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