Today Spark! Circus visited one of the smaller schools…quaint and full of such a beautiful innocence it was hard to stay grounded. The light heartedness in the air allowed for a gorgeous performance and flawless workshops. So deeply proud and honored to be a part of such a beautiful group of individuals. The reality check of the day? The posters on the wall describing the school’s mission statement in both Burmese and English: “1. reduce child and adult illiteracy in the target area, 2. prevent children from being used as child labours, keep them from involvement drug, trafficked into sex industry, 3. increase children’s knowledge of their mother tongue and introduce them to literature, 4. develop good character, 5. inculcate self-confidence and self-reliance through good discipline. Writings on the ever present, ever horrific, child sex trafficking soon…
LDF School - Spark Circus

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